The house is located on a hill in a beautiful environment. Around the house is a large lawn, a spacious driveway with room for several cars, and there is still quite a piece of forest. Feel free to walk around! There is also a swing and a small fireplace. Always be careful with fire!

Les Bois is comfortably and with attention furnished and has a authentic appearance. The kitchen is modern and well equipped with oven, microwave and dishwasher. There is a radio, a cd/dvd player and television with a satellite dish. There is also internet. In the dining room adjacent to the terrace with sliding doors, is a large dining table where 10 persons can join.

Outside is a beautiful terrace with a swimming pool, there are garden furniture and in the house itself is a covered terrace. You can sit in the sun, but also the shadow in search of a cooling dip.

The garden is a very pleasant place to look for cooling, as it is pleasant in the shade at the round table. Also there is a pond with goldfish.

Even in the winter months can be very good at this beautiful location at a slower pace. There is a fireplace and central heating, so the temperature will be pleasant!