The gardens of Marqueyssac

A 5-star attraction for the whole family to go to!

This castle with its beautiful gardens is about 25 minutes driving distance from maison Les Bois in Vezal. The beautifully landscaped paths lead across shaped box trees, gardens, through forests, along cabannes igro and for the children. One of the highlights is called 'the Belvedere. " A large balcony that 130 meters above the Dordogne River, and 270 degrees around the magnet views of the valley, river Dordogne, Castelnaud, Fayrac and Beynac.

Marqueyssac Marqueyssac

The park dates from the 17th century and after years renovating opened to the public. In the summer months of July and August, there is a special on every Thursday evening from sunset until midnight while in the garden all lit candles and live music played. Very special. The beautiful walkingtrail brings you along the more than romantic teahouse, with again views of the valley. There you can consume a drink, a salad, or fresh made ice cream in a variety of flavors.




The trails cover more than 6 kilometers and along the route are signs everywhere that provide information on the flora and fauna in the park and the region. With access to the park will give you a map and an account Dutch description. The entrance is E 6.85, and you can stay the whole day. There is also a shop where articles are sold that are carved from the wood of the box trees from the park.


In short, a must for everyone! Even if you do not like walking, you can take shorter routes to the highlights.