Information offices

In Salviac is a small tourist office where good, comprehensive information is available. In Gourdon is a large office for tourists with a lot of information and brochures on the area. The signs point clear to the office and it is located in the historic centre.


In the villages in the area there are some small supermarkets (for example in the village of Daglan). It's also possible to buy fresh baked bread from the bakery. The big supermarkets can be found in Gourdon. The Intermarché and Champion are big stores and open 7 days a week (On Sunday to 11.30 in the summer months). These chains sell food but also general suppies for housekeeping, clothing or gardening.

Keep in mind that between 12.00 and 15.00 the small shops are closed! The larger supermarkets are open from 9.00-19.00

Maison Les Bois is located in a beautiful area and there are numerous activities. We give you a few tips 


The hilly landscape lends itself to beautiful walks. For the real hikers to explore the environment there are trails along the way. From one round to a long walk of a few hours.


In the area there are water cultivated fields where you can go fishing for a fee. These areas are equipped with the ability to eat and drink and there are toilets. Of course, the river Dordogne is the real challenge for fishermen. You do need a fishing licence, which is available from a local post office.


Along the River Dordogne you can rent a canoe in several places. You will be dropped off at a location of your choice, from which you canoe to the agreed endpoint . These trips are easy to do, because you follow with the flow of the river. You will pass along archeologic beautiful buildings and enjoy the natural beauty of the river.

Biking / Cycling

You can bring your bicycle, and in Gourdon is the ability to rent a bicycle. Throughout its beautiful surroundings routes to calm tours and for the adventurer, the down hilling is certainly a challenge.