Just a small walk of Les Bois you can find the wine château Vin de Domme. During normal days you are welcome to take a look inside the company and wines to taste. You can also become a member of this winery: Association des Amis du Vin du Pays de Domme. You can buy wine at a discount, and this is certainly interesting when you more often to this area on vacation want to go.


Castelnaud is a very impressive medieval fortress. It is not so far driving from maison Les Bois. You can browse independently or with a tour guide. In the summer months are also medieval pieces up with people in clothes from that time. From the Dordogne in a canoe, you will also have beautiful sight in this building. Also a very nice attraction for children!

Gourdon is a bigger place with multiple shops and terraces. In the middle of the city is an old building that is typical of the cityscape. You have to walk up and have a wonderful view of the whole environment.

Sarlat is a real winner! Known for the cozy old streets and shops, okergele mansions; hours to wander around and dream away. Since 1962, the buildings in Sarlat protected, and form an open air museum. The famous martkt of Sarlat is every Saturday at the Place de la Liberte. Many products are typical of the Perigord, walnuts, Foie gras, black truffles, all kinds of cheese and meat.

Cahors is a real big city, known for the beautiful bridge 'Pont Valentre over River Lot, and the dark heavy wines. Many shops, cafes and terraces, guaranteed a whole day shopping!

Rocamadour is a piece of driving, and you can be assured of a day trip. In the summer it's very very busy. This town is one of the most famous bedevaartplaatsen of France and the Black Madonna. The city is located, high on a rock with medieval houses, towers and fortifications. Along the route to the top are numerous eateries and souvenir shops.